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Join MassLIFT

The 2013 MassLIFT AmeriCorps program has completed member recruitment for the year. Information on joining MassLIFT has been left up for reference for those who are considering joining in the 2014-2015 service year.

Twenty members serve in four positions: seven Land Stewardship Coordinators (LSC), four Regional Conservation Coordinators (RCC), five Community Engagement Coordinators (CEC), and four Service Learning Coordinators (SLC). The positions differ in their emphasis on land protection, stewardship, community outreach, and youth or adult education. All positions involve recruiting, teaching and training community volunteers, conservation staff and others to participate in and implement the member’s projects. Our members’ service activities build regional capacity to protect and steward open space for farms, working forests, trails, wetlands, rivers, parks, community gardens, and other lands of conservation and local importance.

2013 Service Positions:

Each of our four service positions has a different set of objectives and its own required and desired qualifications. Applicants for these positions must also meet AmeriCorps Eligibility Requirements (See position descriptions).

The service activities emphasized for each position vary between host sites. AmeriCorps requirements and position descriptions specific to each MassLIFT partner are posted below. All MassLIFT positions are full-time, with members serving for 1,700 hours over 11 months.

Willa at kioskAndrea at Annual MeetingTeresa with AHSMolly at workday

Qualifications for each position are at the links below.

Land Stewardship Coordinators Community Engagement Coordinators

Regional Conservation Coordinators Service Learning Coordinators

How to Apply

Please submit an application only if you are willing to commit to the full 1,700 hour and 11 month term of service. Also consider in advance your ability to live on a pre-tax stipend of $12,400 paid over the 11 months. Our program does not provide housing.

1) Review the position descriptions posted for each of the 2013 host sites to determine which positions and placements best match your skills and interests.

2) Download and complete the 2013 member application form (at the bottom of the page). Include names and contact information for three references that host sites can call as part of their interview process.

3) include a 1 – 2 page cover letter, a resume, and the completed application form. Please mention in your cover letter what you hope to learn/experience from participation in our AmeriCorps program, and describe your interest in community engagement.

4) Scan and save your resume, cover letter, and completed application form as ONE PDF file. Title the application as follows - “LastName_FirstName_MiddleInitial” (i.e.,Smith_Lisa_J.pdf)

5) Email your application to Do not send applications directly to host sites.

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. Applicants may get interviews and position offers from more than one site. Please be prepared to accept positions within 5 days of receiving an offer.

The program aims to fill all 20 service positions by August 20, 2013; however, host sites will continue interviews as needed past that date.

Member Compensation and Benefits:

    • 2013 MassLIFT AmeriCorps members will receive a living allowance of $12,400 over the
      11 month term of service.
    • AmeriCorps provides health insurance coverage.
    • Childcare assistance may be provided in cases of financial need.
    • Upon successful completion of their year of service, AmeriCorps members will receive a $5,550 education award which can be used for future education or to pay off existing school loans.
    • Individuals in approved AmeriCorps positions are eligible for forbearance of most federally-guaranteed student loans.
    • MassLIFT members gain skills in land conservation, attend a statewide conference, and participate in team trainings and other professional development opportunities.
    • AmeriCorps members experience the personal rewards of national service
      and community engagement.
    • MassLIFT members are responsible for their own housing and must have
      access to reliable transportation.

      Are you willing to devote a year of service to increasing the pace of land conservation in Massachusetts, engaging community volunteers in conservation-minded service, and strengthening the stewardship of watersheds and protected lands? If so, consider joining MassLIFT AmeriCorps!

      If you have questions about the application procedure please contact Community Engagement Director Sean Pollock at 978-248-2055 x16 or pollock(at)


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