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Song Memorial Forest (Warwick)

Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust
Gift From: 
Michael and Kristin Song (2001)

Located on Flower Hill Road, about 3 miles north of Warwick center. There is no safe parking along this road, making this property difficult to access.

The 83-acre parcel lies north of Flower Hill Road, atop schists and gneisses which produce dramatic landforms and ledges. A steep cliff and talus area lies to the east and makes for some unusual and diverse herbaceous vegetation. The lot has was used mainly for pastureland before agricultural abandonment. Wire fence remnants and stonewalls are evidence of past management. Most of the woodlot was harvested 25 years ago. There are still signs of stumps and skid roads. Many tall seed trees (principally red oak and pine) have been left in the sparse overstory, and good recovery is occurring. Runoff flows through Black Brook and an unnamed stream into Mirey Brook, which eventually drains into the Connecticut River. Along with another conservation easement to the west of Warwick State Forest this area provides hundreds of acres of relatively undisturbed protected forestland.

The conservation area is open to the public for non-motorized outdoor recreation including hiking, bird watching, nature study, and hunting.