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Eagle Reserve Accessible Trail Opening, 6/29

Mount Grace will officially open our new wheelchair-accessible trail at our Royalston Eagle Reserve this summer!

Mount Grace invites the public for opening day starting at 10am on Saturday, June 29 with a welcome from some of the people involved in protecting and managing the land, followed by a walk to the new accessible viewing deck at the waterside. Join Dave Small, President of Athol Bird and Nature Club for a dragonfly and butterfly walk, or take a self guided tour of the peninsula trail further down the property.

Eagle Reserve offers amazing opportunities for everyone to enjoy the beautiful landscape and rare wildlife while having a low impact on the natural communities that live there. The property is 139-acre mix of woods, wetlands, and open water that beavers, otters, bald eagles, and a host of other wildlife call home. Mount Grace acquired the reserve in 2016 thanks to community support, and has since been able to create low-impact recreational trails, including a wheelchair-accessible trail and a foot trail with help from a Massachusetts Recreational Trails Program Grant from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Mount Grace welcomes all to come out and experience the beauty of the reserve for opening day and after!

Please RSVP in advance using the form below.  For more information about Eagle Reserve or Opening Day, please contact KimLynn Nguyen by email or at 978-248-2055 x14.

Thanks to wildlife photographer Jeff Blanchard and landscape photographer Eric Vickery for the images!

Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Eagle Reserve Conservation Area, Winchendon Road, Royalston