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BioBlitz at Arthur Iversen Conservation Area

Event date: Sunday, April 30, 2023
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Join Mount Grace for our second City Nature Challenge event! Meet May Grzybowski, our TerraCorps Land Conservation Steward, for a bioblitz hike at Arthur Iversen Conservation Area. May has worked in environmental education at Nature’s Classroom and is passionate about citizen science!

We’ll be exploring all the area has to offer. Mossy forest, vernal pools, and a beautiful washbowl falls. The iNaturalist City Nature Challenge is a worldwide event April 29-May 1st. We will be trying to observe as many different plants and animals as we can! Your observations help scientists around the world to better understand and protect species. At Mount Grace we are using iNaturalist to learn more about the land we conserve and keep a record of the natural history of our forests.

To register, please e-mail May at – Participants MUST download the iNaturalist app to their phones before arriving at the event, as Iversen has limited cell signal, or be prepared to share devices.