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Exploring Fungi: Mushrooms of North Central MA


There are hundreds of thousands of fungi all around us. Some help trees to thrive, others decompose organic materials and turn them to soil, some are destructive and some are edible. Mushrooms appear as if by magic after a rain and often disappear as quickly. This talk will be led by David Babik, a member of the Boston Mycological Club’s ID committee and the current foray coordinator. He is also a member of the Monadnock Mushroomers Unlimited, a group that often holds walks and events in the Athol area. David has regularly searched for fungi in Northern MA and Southern NH and is very familiar with the types of mushrooms you may run across. July through October is the peak season for mushrooms in our part of the country so this talk comes at a perfect time. It will be a special opportunity to learn the basics of identifying the mushrooms you find as you explore the outdoors.

This webinar is limited to the first 100 participants. Register in advance for this webinar: