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Our Dynamic Forests - Walking Tour

Event date: Sunday, October 8, 2023
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Healthy forests are important for clean water, wildlife habitat, wood products, and providing climate benefits. Join us for a forest tour in the Berkshire foothills to learn how forest planning and management can build a resilient landscape.

We will have the chance to see several different forest management projects that were completed over the last 20 years. They will provide excellent opportunities to see how these woodlands have responded and how these projects complement the larger forest and the needs of wildlife.  This is a fantastic learning opportunity if you are curious about how forests are managed and how you can approach forest planning on your own woodlot or community forest. 

Meet at the Tunxis Club, 945 Clubhouse Rd, Tolland, MA

Email or call/text 302-943-3239 to register

Hosted by the Massachusetts Dynamic Forest Restoration Initiative