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Story Book Trail at Skyfields

Nowey Discovers by MJ LaCroix

May 14th – June 15th  

We invite you and your family to explore the Willis Woods trail and read MJ LaCroix’s Nowey Discovers

Skyfields Arboretum

1461 Old Keene Rd

Athol, MA 01331

Nowey’s rainy day turns into an adventure as she heads off to explore the damp and misty forest. What is making those squealing, whooshing, and bleating sounds? Watch and listen. What’s that big lump in the tree? It can’t be a fox. It must be something else, but what? Yikes! What’s that, bounding toward her? And what is that brilliant, tiny creature on the ground? How could she have never seen it before? Find out why this woodland is so magical to Nowey.

The Nowey Discovers Story Book Trail begins across the street from the kiosk by the parking lot. The loop is approximately a ½ mile long. The story will be spaced apart to promote social distancing. We ask each family to:

  • distance themselves from other families to help stop the spread of COVID-19;
  • wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, as necessary, and have a mask to wear, as needed;
  • do not "meet" other families at the story walk and walk through together; and
  • wait for families at a sign ahead of you to start walking to the next sign before you begin to approach. 

Open daily dawn to dusk. 

MJ LaCroix worked in the typography and composition business for twenty years but didn't start writing on her own until a few years ago. Elementary school was her introduction to reading for pleasure when she won the annual spelling bee. The prize was a book from the Nancy Drew series. The author enjoys reading and writing personal essays and creative non-fiction. The idea of writing a children's book had been in the works for months. Then after completing a children's writing course, the text evolved into Nowey Discovers. The challenge was the artwork. To color in her sketches, she enlisted the help of her daughter, Jane. 
The author grew up in the forest, played in the forest, and now resides in north central Massachusetts — in a forest. 

Jane LaCroix is a graphic designer and photographer. She has always had a passion for art and her work aspires to be both functional and eye-catching. Jane earned her BS degree in Communications Media from Fitchburg State University in early 2015. When she's not designing or shooting, Jane can be found hiking a new trail, cooking up a new recipe, or hanging out at a show with her friends. Jane is originally from Massachusetts and now resides in the Los Angeles area. 

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Stay tuned for the sequel to Nowey Discovers . . .