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MassLIFT-Service Learning

The service learning program at Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust works to foster an ethic of service and civic engagement among young people, and to increase the connections that children and young adults feel to the land. The coordinator designs projects that teach young people about working lands while contributing to the protection and stewardship of farms, forests, watershed areas, community gardens, and parks. The coordinator develops service learning opportunities for hands-on conservation such as:

  • Exploring local vernal pools and learning about their protection
  • Creating pollinator gardens
  • Stream monitoring
  • Trail creation or clean-up on protected lands
  • Wildlife habitat improvements
  • Making and painting signs for conservation lands

Vernal Pools Water Monitoring
Habitat Improvement Trails

An externally-hosted version of the service learning webpages can be found here.

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The service learning coordinator is part of the MassLIFT-AmeriCorps program and serves in the entire Mount Grace region of twenty-three towns. (Ashburnham, Athol, Barre, Bernardston, Erving, Gardner, Gill, Greenfield, Hardwick, Hubbardston, Leyden, Montague, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Templeton, Warwick, Wendell, Westminster, and Winchendon)

AmeriCorps-Massachusetts Land Initiative for Tomorrow (MassLIFT) is a collaborative effort of seven regional conservation groups. MassLIFT aims to increase collaboration among local conservation groups, increase the land protection and outreach capacity of volunteer conservation groups, foster a conservation ethic in young people through volunteerism in service to the land, inspire a new generation to pursue careers on the land, and increase support for conservation in the community as a whole by encouraging diverse community members to use protected lands. MassLIFT is funded in part by an AmeriCorps grant administered by the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

Service learning is a great way to get young people excited about nature and the outdoors...

Before service learning

After Service Learning







Before Service Learning                                                                                                                           After Service Learning

These are undoctored photos of a typical young person in the natural habitat.
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