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Support A New Market for Local Farms

Mount Grace is now partnering with the North Quabbin Community Co-op to create a new local market for the consumers and farmers of the North Quabbin region.  We are actively seeking to buy a site in downtown Orange to serve as the new storefront and headquarters of the food co-op. The campaign addresses the urgent local need for markets that connect local farmers directly with local consumers and support a healthy, sustainable local farm economy.

One local supporter has already made a $25,000 pledge for start-up costs towards the purchase and maintenance of a commercial building in downtown Orange. Mount Grace must raise an additional $25,000 in donations, which will be matched by the start-up pledge.

Please help create a new market for local farms and healthy food now with a tax-deductible gift by credit card or PayPal account.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a gift.

Gifts Made   12

Amount Raised  $8,526

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