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Community Engagement

The future sustainability of our organization depends on our willingness to consider community needs that may at first seem beyond our organization’s mission — food, education, work, health, spirituality, recreation, companionship — knowing that we will find mutual connections to the land if we look deeply.

The Community Engagement Program considers these community needs.  The goal for this Program is to engage diverse demographics and civic interests in educational and community service experiences that cultivate a broad personal appreciation of nature’s many social benefits and inspire increased public support for local land conservation.

Nested within the Community Engagement Program, the Service Learning Program's goal is to engage local youth in service learning experiences that inspire personal connections with the natural world and foster a land stewardship ethic in current and future generations.  Also part of our Community Engagement work, our MassLIFT-AmeriCorps Program is a statewide effort to build public support for land conservation, increase regional conservation capacity, strengthen land stewardship, and provide opportunities for youth to connect with nature and engage in service learning.

Find out more about our Community Engagement Program:

And our Service Learning Program: