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Phillipston Creates a New Town Forest

Reggie and Mel Haughton have owned their land on Phillipston's Baldwin Hill Road since 1977, raising a family in the woods near Thousand Acre Brook.  “We wanted to protect the land and wildlife so that future generations can enjoy nature," says Mel.  "We were pleased to join with other landowners to conserve the woods, fields and wetlands of the Thousand Acre Swamp. “

Farm Conservation: Protecting Murdock Farm

Local farmers Frank, Ken, and Ray Girouard have conserved 42 acres of wooded land north of their families’ Murdock Farm.  Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust and the Town of Winchendon will co-hold a permanent conservation restriction on the land.

Community Conservation: First National Blueway

Conservation groups from up and down the Connecticut River Watershed joined together in Hartford this Thursday to witness US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar designate the Connecticut River and its Watershed as the nation's first National Blueway.

Forever Wild in Northfield

Northfield landowners Bill and Christine Copeland have helped inaugurate Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust’s twenty-fifth year of land conservation by donating a 183-acre ‘Forever Wild’ conservation restriction to Mount Grace. 

Conservation Moves Forward at Thousand Acre Swamp

In the late 1980s, several landowners with property in Thousand Acre Swamp, in Athol and Phillipston, worked with Mount Grace to apply for a state grant to conserve their land. Their proposal was ranked first in Massachusetts because of the enormous habitat value of the Thousand Acre Swamp-Bearsden Woods area, and was in line for conservation money until funding was pulled at the last minute.

Landscape Conservation: Nineteenth Hill CRs protect 700 acres of Forest in Winchendon

Collaboration by the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, the Town of Winchendon, Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust, and the North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership has completed a landmark land conservation project protecting 866 acres of land in Winchendon, including two entirely new conservation areas.


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