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Wish List

In an effort to add to the tools and materials available for land stewardship, service learning, and land protection work around the region, Mount Grace is asking supporters to consider donating any of the following items.

AmeriCorps member Keith DaviesExternal hard drive-1TB or more

Laptops-less than 3 years old

Adobe Indesign software

Sampling nets for riparian invertebrate surveys (see photo)

Garden tools & gloves suitable for children (short-handled rakes & shovels, hand tools, small gloves)

Vegetable/flower seeds and starts

Landscaping cloth

Bark mulch and/or manure for compost piles

Craft supplies, especially non-toxic paint and large-size crayons

2x4” wood, any length, for building raised beds

½” wood boards, for building nest boxes

Bamboo or PVC tubes, for building bee houses

Safe hand tools for wood work, like tap hammers, screwdrivers, hand-crank drill, coping saw

We would appreciate donations of items in good condition, and of course, donations to Mount Grace are tax deductible.

We are also looking for volunteers, including information technology volunteers to help support our staff and volunteers who can assist with postering for Mount Grace events by printing color pdfs (supplied by email) of our event posters and putting them up at selected locations in their towns each month.

For questions about wishlist gifts, please contact David Kotker at 978-248-2055 x19 or kotker(at)

Contact us with your donation!