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Land Conservation is a Valued Solution in the Mitigation of Climate Change

Posted Friday, January 7, 2022

Mount Grace has received an award from the Land Trust Alliance Climate and Land Grant Program for $11,000 to develop our climate action plan to maximize our impact in mitigating and adapting to climate change in our region. Through this grant we will:

  1. Work with our forester and Indigenous partners to create a forest management plan that will consider where we can maximize carbon sequestration opportunities on Mount Grace owned conservation areas;
  2. Identify and quantify climate impacts on Mount Grace conservation areas and conserved land that we monitor and where possible, develop mitigation and adaption plans;
  3. Evaluate Mount Grace’s carbon footprint and make organizational changes to reduce our carbon footprint;
  4. Adapt our climate education curriculum and communications to have a stronger focus on climate change education in our community;
  5. Identify new parcels to conserve that would build our region’s climate resiliency;
  6. Outreach to municipalities to assist with the development and application of their climate mitigation and adaptation solutions.