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Leaving a Legacy, Making an Impact

Posted Monday, February 5, 2024
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Land trusts often use the word “legacy,” which can mean many things to different people. For us, it starts with making an impact on people and places that will last long after the deed is done. Stories of legacies connected to Mount Grace abound, evidenced in part by our many conservation areas that have the word “memorial” in the title. We now have one more story to add to the conservation legacy we share.

Bill King has finalized his donation of 22 acres on Secret Lake in Phillipston to Mount Grace in honor of his late wife, Sheila King. 

“This 22-acre lot is like a pea in the Christmas casserole,” Bill said, as he wondered at the real impact that conserving even a small lot can have. In fact, it is the combination of many small acts, or acres, that add up to a huge benefit for wildlife. 

Bill & Shelia’s land is within the Thousand Acre Brook corridor, where Mount Grace has been strategically pursuing conservation projects since Bill Rose of Red Apple Farm protected his woodlot in 2007. This larger landscape was identified as having high conservation value because of the varied habitats and connectivity that promote resilience for many different species.

Bill recounted many stories as he worked with us to protect this land. After years of weekend road trips from Cambridge with their three kids and golden retriever, Bill and Sheila found their retreat from city life in 1974. The “wooden tent” Cape house encouraged them to spend time outside in their vast garden, bushwhacking through the woods, and paddling around the lake. 

Mount Grace is honored to receive this land and looks forward to sharing Sheila’s legacy of love for this special place by offering community access on our newest conservation area. 


If you would like information about legacy giving with Mount Grace, feel free to contact David Kotker, Mount Grace Major Gift & Grants Manager, at 978-541-1767 or