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Let’s Plant Native!

Pollinator garden at Athol elemntary school

Habitat loss is one of the biggest reasons for the decline of many species. According to Mass Audubon’s Losing Ground 2020 report, approximately 13.5 acres of land are lost every day in Massachusetts due to development. This is why we want to restore habitat for pollinators and other critical wildlife by planting native species.

Native plantings attract bird species, butterflies and other pollinators, and provide habitat and food sources for a variety of wildlife. Native plants occur naturally in an area and have evolved with the local wildlife, so pollinators and other wildlife are best adapted to native plants from the region.

By donating as part of our Spring Appeal, you will help us plant native species as part of our restoration work at our conservation areas.

We will celebrate your donation of $1000 by planting a native tree. Any donation of over $250 will be celebrated by planting a native bush and your donation of over $100 will be celebrated with the planting of a native perennial.

Please meet our Spring Appeal Challenge! Your generous donation of $1,000, $250, or $100 will help us raise the funds we need to conserve more acres of forestland and farmland in our region. What better way to celebrate your sustaining gifts than by planting a native tree, bush, or perennial on one of our conservation areas?

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