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Local Brew Celebrates Mount Grace Anniversary

Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Artisan Beverage Cooperative (ABC) is celebrating Mount Grace!   For our 30th Anniversary, Garth Shaneyfelt of ABC—whose meads and other libations rely on sustainably-sourced fruits, ginger, and honey for most of their ingredients—began mulling over ways to commemorate the trust’s successes protecting local farms and forests.

The result, “Mount Grace Anniversary Cyzer,” debuted this year at ABC during Franklin County CiderDays and at a tasting at the Blind Pig in Athol.  Cyzer is mead brewed with cider instead of water. Mount Grace Anniversary Cyzer is made with wine yeast; raw, local honey; and local, freshly-pressed heirloom apples.

“I can’t imagine a better way to honor Mount Grace’s local land protection work than with the bounty of the Pioneer Valley,” says Shaneyfelt.  “We always hope people will enjoy our brews, but in this case we also hope people will be inspired to support more land conservation.”  Since 1986, Mount Grace has helped protect more than 31,000 acres of farm and forest land in Franklin and Worcester Counties, including partnerships with are farms like Bree-Z-Knoll Farm, Wingate Farm, Red Fire Farm, Just Roots’ Greenfield Town Farm, and Bascom Hollow Farm and Upinngil Farm in Gill.  The trust is currently working to protect six farms in Montague and Wendell as part of the Mormon Hollow Landscape Partnership.

“We’re truly honored,” declares Mount Grace Deputy Director David Graham Wolf.  “ABC is a perfect example of community support for agriculture—they’re a local business that supports local farms with its purchasing power and gives back to the community by donating proceeds to protect more land.  They’ve created something that’s local, sustainable, and delicious!”    

Mount Grace Anniversary Cyzer is on sale at the New Salem General Store, Stan’s Liquor Mart in Athol, Highland Spirits in Orange, Ryan & Casey Liquors and the Wine Rack in Greenfield, and Connecticut River Liquors in Montague, and is available by the glass at the Blind Pig in Athol.