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Conservation Areas

The following Conservation Areas, Conservation Restrictions, and Facilitated Projects appear on our Interactive Map.

Properties owned by Mount Grace are listed in the map key as Conservation Areas (CAs). Most Mount Grace CAs are accessible to the public from a road or public trail and have hiking trails. Some are ‘landlocked’ (with no access except through neighboring properties). On these CAs, permission to walk in to the property must be obtained from the abutting landowner. Generally, Mount Grace Conservation areas are open to the public for passive recreation such as hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, and hunting (with some exceptions). Mount Grace's hunting policy can be found below.

A Conservation Restriction (CR) is a legal agreement between a landowner and a conservation organization whereby the landowner retains ownership, but gives up the right to develop the land. CRs permanently limit uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values and they remain in effect when land is sold or inherited. Because CRs do not necessarily involve any right of public access, not all CRs are identified individually on the map.

Stewardship Assists are properties where Mount Grace has cooperative monitoring or stewardship agreements, or prepared a baseline report or ecological stewardship plan, or provides substantial but non-financial/managerial stewardship support to the project. Project Assists are properties where Mount Grace provided substantial but non-financial/managerial support to project such as partner referral, GIS mapping support, grant review or editing, negotiation support, or strategic project planning support. Not all stewardship or project assists are identified individually on the map.

Mount Grace helps protect land around the region in many different ways, including pre-acquiring land that towns or state agencies hope to protect, helping farmers apply for and negotiate agricultural preservation restrictions, supporting the projects of smaller trusts with bridge loans or technical expertise, and helping landowners protect their land through the federal Forest Legacy program. Not all of Mount Grace’s 190 facilitated projects are identified individually on the map.