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Gifford Family Memorial Forest

In 2002, the Gifford family worked with Mount Grace to put a conservation restriction on their 33- acre property alongside the West Branch of the Tully River on Tully Road in Orange. Laura and George Gifford had brought their children, George, Laura, and Lissa, to a cabin by the river for summers since the 1960s. After her husband, George, passed away, Laura wanted to make sure the land remained unspoiled. The land was protected with a CR as part of the 9,000- acre Tully Initiative, a partnership between landowners, land trusts, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 2012, as a tribute to George and Laura, the Gifford family chose to donate the land in full to Mount Grace. “Tully Brook gave our family peace and delight,” says Lissa Gifford. “May it continue to do so for the community.”

In 2016, the property became the site of the Senator Robert D. Wetmore, Sr. Memorial Fishing Hole.