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Morse Conservation Area (Warwick)

Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust
Gift From: 
Charles A. Morse, Jr. (1996)

The Morse CA is not accessible by road any more as it is landlocked and the old woods roads have been blocked off.

The Morse Memorial Forest is a diverse 57-acre parcel that contains vernal pools, upland forest, a dense hemlock deer yard and a significant beaver wetland along with a black gum swamp surrounded by larger black gum swamps.

An old logging road is located near the southern boundary of the property and follows the eastern boundary. A Mount Grace sign describing the conservation area is at the southern end of the property along the road.

A large beaver pond encompasses the southern part of the property. Water drains out of the pond towards the east into a small brook which eventually empties into Pauchaug Brook, a tributary of the Connecticut River.

The property rises in elevation as you go northwest from the pond with many dramatic rocky outcroppings on steep bowl like ravines and large glacial erratics. The western half of the property consists of a dense hemlock ravine community that has at least an 80% canopy closure with very little in the terms of understory besides hemlock. There is a tremendous amount of deer sign. The south facing slope, high amount of woody browse and density of the hemlock stand create the ideal conditions for a deer yard. Along the western boundary is a black gum swamp community.

By conditions of Charles Morse’s gift, the conservation area is open to the public for non-motorized outdoor recreation including hiking, bird watching, nature study, and hunting. Since there is no road access, permission to walk in to the property must be obtained from an abutting landowner.