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Citizen Science: Incorporating iNaturalist Technology in Our Stewardship Program

Intro to iNaturalist App Webinar

Learn how to use the free iNaturalist app for a more immersive experience on walks, hikes and backyard discoveries!


Introduction to Butterfly Watching Webinar

Athol Bird and Nature Club president Dave Small teaches us about the life cycle, identification terminology, best equipment to bring (binoculars and camera) and the families of butterflies you can encounter here in the North Quabbin.

Introduction to Dragonflies and Damselflies Webinar

Athol Bird and Nature Club president Dave Small discusses the origins and life history of the Dragonflies and Damselflies followed by a look at the families encountered in Massachusetts with some hints on where to find them.

Where the Wild Things Are: Native Plants for Pollinators Webinar

Dan Jaffe Wilder discusses what each and every one of us can do to help the pollinators. Which plants are the best to plant, what strategies can we follow to create robust pollinator habitat, and how do we do it all without losing the beauty and usability of the gardens we love?

Life in a Leaf: The Wonderful World of Leafminers Webinar

Charley Eiseman introduces the major groups of leafminers, insect larvae that spend at least part of their lives feeding between the epidermal layers of leaves, and shares some new discoveries he has made in the course of putting together his guide.