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Energy-efficient Accessible Barn

The Land Forever Campaign includes funds for urgently needed funds for our headquarters at Skyfields Arboretum, which was generously donated by Margaret Power Biggs in 1999. In order to accommodate the increased size of our Mount Grace staff and leave flexibility for future growth we will be both renovating our current building and adding a new structure to our campus. Both the renovations of our colonial era farmhouse and the new construction will highlight affordable accessible energy efficiency in two very different contexts.

The current building will get much needed structural repairs as well as new insulations, updates to the heating and cooling system as well as brand new and cost-effective windows. The new building will house additional work, meeting, and event space as well as be completely ADA accessible. It will also be made from locally sourced timbers, many from our very own conserved lands. It will also have a full solar array on the southern facing roof and energy efficiency balanced with affordability is factored into every aspect of the building plans.

Mount Grace has often collaborated on innovative regional efforts, including purchasing a commercial building to house the Quabbin Harvest Food Cooperative: promoting a healthy community, access to local food, and a strong agricultural economy and culture. Our commitment to energy efficiency extends to a commitment to renewable energy. Farm products traveling fewer miles and solar-powered refrigeration are good for land, air, and water everywhere.