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Aurora Ranch

Aurora Ranch sells free range chickens and eggs, grass fed pasture raised beef, lamb, sheepskins and fleece from pedigree Romney sheep. Owners Kate and George also breed and train classic working Border Collies.


Kate Collins and George Northrop

Year Protected


Property History

Aurora Ranch was started in 1979 when George and Kate departed the former Jolly Road commune and bought twelve and one-half acres of land for farming. Later, they added the 100-acre parcel and cleared for grazing. Three buildings —  a traditional timber-framed barn, a more modern barn, and a Rocky Mountain-style house that mixes log-cabin structure with timber-framing —  are all located on the smaller parcel. Some of the construction took place with memorable “barn-raising” work parties. The couple added 20 acres Mount Grace protected during the Tully Initiative to the ranch in 2004.