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The Foye property consists of two Conservation Restrictions: one on 167 acres of forest on the west side of Tully Mountain with one mile of frontage on Tully Brook; and another on 52 acres of forest along Tully Brook. The larger tract of land provides excellent fishing habitat and consists of forests and three small open fields.

Public Access

Foye is open to the public for non-motorized recreation including hiking, nature watching, hunting and fishing as part of the Tully Mountain Wildlife Conservation Easement.

Trail Map


Fred Heyes

Years Protected

1990 and 1994

Property History

Trout fisherman and author Bill Foye’s donation of two conservation restrictions covering wetlands on the west branch of the Tully River helped protect this important cold-water fishery and added 219 acres of protected land to the Tully Mountain Wildlife Management Area in 1990 and 1994. The wildlife management area was largely protected during the Tully Valley Private Forest Lands Initiative, in which Mount Grace took a leading role, and is part of the Tully Trail - a 22-mile loop trail running through a mosaic of protected land in three towns.

Current landowner Fred Heyes utilized a MassWildlife Habitat Management grant to conduct forestry designed to enhance habitat for wood turtle, ruffed grouse, and other species listed in the Statewide Wildlife Action Plan.