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Murdock Farm & Dairy Bar

Since 1964, a favorite sign of approaching summer in Winchendon has been the opening of the Murdock Farm & Dairy Bar, which sells local farm-made ice cream. Each year the ice cream stand brings thousands of people out to the farm, on the border between the country and the town, surrounded by sloping fields farmed for over a century.

Public Access

Murdock Farm & Dairy Bar is open to the public for the purchase of homemade ice cream and petting the animals.

Note: Only accepts cash


62 Elmwood Rd. Winchendon, MA 01475

Parking is available


Girouard Family

Year Protected


Property History

Murdock Farm was established in 1885 by Peter Morlock. Henry Girouard bought Murdock Farm in 1959. Henry’s sons—Frank, Ken, and Ray Girouard—worked with Mount Grace to protect the farm. In 2009, they conserved 99 acres with an Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) held by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. They protected another 72 acres through a Conservation Restriction (CR) held by Mount Grace. In 2012, the brothers conserved an additional 24 acres with an APR and added a CR on another 42-acre parcel as part of the Winchendon Springs project, Mount Grace’s very first successful application to the Massachusetts Landscape Partnership Program. The family business continues today led by sixth-generation farmer Andy Brooks Jr.