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Sweetwater Farm

Sweetwater Farm is a small family farm that produces vegetables, fruit, seed and pastured eggs using organic growing practices. Maddie Schmutz and Jess Cherry lease two acres of land and the name Sweetwater Farm from the Davis family.

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Karen and David Davis

Year Protected


Property History

The land has been operated as a working farm for more than 200 years. First farmed in 1749 by Sylvanus Howe, the farm supplied wheat and beef to soldiers during the Revolutionary War. From 1912 to 1978, the Coolidge Dairy Farm sold butter, milk, and cream here. Since 1985, the farm has been owned by the Davis Family as Sweetwater Farm – named for the spring water found on the property. Mount Grace protected 100 acres of pasture and fertile cropland, as well as the surrounding woodlands with a CR in 2007.