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Wingate Farm

Wingate Farm is a 51-acre, fourth-generation family farm that raises pastured laying hens, broiler chickens, forest-raised pigs, vegetables and flowers using organic practices.

Public Access

Wingate Farm is open to the public for the purchase of their pork, vegetables, flower bouquets, and pastured, organic-fed eggs and chicken. See their website for more information about ordering and pick up.


941 Northfield Rd, Hinsdale, NH 03451

Parking is available at the farm.


Olivia Pettengill and Susan Parke-Sutherland

Year Protected


Property History

In the 1940s, James and Sallie Gillespie bought Wingate Farm in the fertile Connecticut River Valley in Southern New Hampshire. They raised a small herd of Brown Swiss cattle, the first farmers in the area to milk the now popular dairy breed. When James and Sallie were unable to continue farming the land themselves, they rented the fields to neighbors, who kept the farm fields in corn and hay production for the next half century.

James and Sallie’s two daughters, Alma and Carroll, inherited Wingate Farm in the 1970’s. Carroll and John's Pettengill's son Peter moved back to Wingate with his wife, Deb, in 1983, where they raised their two children, James and Olivia. In the fall of 2012, Olivia moved home to Wingate to pursue her dream of farming the family land. In 2015, the Pettengills worked with Mount Grace to place a Conservation Restriction on the farm. While Mount Grace primarily works within a 23-town region in north central Massachusetts, this project is an important example of Mount Grace having the flexibility to cross state lines in service of conserving critical properties like Wingate Farm.