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Support Your Local Conserved Farm

If you are looking for small-scale local places to feed your family and support local agriculture, here is a list of Mount Grace conserved farms that are open for business! Many of our working farms are taking extra precautions to make sure their customers and staff are safe during the COVID-19 crisis with curbside pickup, delivery, and advanced ordering available, among other steps.


Chase Hill Farm

Products: Dairy (raw milk, cheese, eggs), flowers & other grocery items

Gloves are available and the farm stand is restricted to one person at a time.


Diemand Farm

Products: Eggs, chicken and turkey, prepared baked goods and meals

Curbside pickup & delivery service for those who need it is available


Just Roots

CSA relief fund

With this new fund, even if you or your household would not usually qualify for an income-qualifying share, you may select to pay our “income-qualifying share price” for this season if you are circumstantially experiencing food insecurity because of COVID-19.


Maple Grove

Products: Maple syrup and beef products

Call ahead to schedule a time to pick up at the farm

(978) 544-5363

220 Cross Road
Orange, MA


Quabbin Harvest Co-op

Products: Local produce, dairy, meats & grocery items

Remote ordering & curbside pickup is available

Check their Facebook page for updated information on what is in stock, since it changes weekly. 


Red Apple Farm

Products: local apples, cider, hard cider, baked goods, grocery items, as well as home goods, toys, and their book store are all available.

Pre-order and curbside pickup is available


Red Fire Farm

Products: Fresh produce, CSA shares, local goods and beverages, homemade salsas, dressings, cheeses, yogurt, and flowers

Self serve, pre-order & curbside pickup is available at their farm stores


Seeds of Solidarity

Products: Salad mixes, spinach and other produce

Purchase at Quabbin Harvest


Upinngil Farm

Products: Dairy, eggs, flour, produce, baked goods & groceries; CSA shares also available

Farm store is open daily


Wingate Farm

Products: Eggs and produce

Online pre-ordering and curbside pickup is available at multiple locations


We will keep you informed as our other Mount Grace conserved farms open for the season.