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Landscape Conservation

Mount Grace has conserved more than 20,294 acres with more than 228 distinct landowners working through our landscape scale conservation program. Combining resources and working with a variety of state and local partners, we have been able to achieve tremendous results with significant impacts to create vast wildlife habitat corridors, protect water supplies, and safe-guard scenic vistas and recreational uses.

The challenge of coordinating and unifying the vast number of landowners, partner organizations and stakeholders pays off with the exponential results achieved with collaboration on this scale. With these projects, we have facilitated the potential for single landowners to realize and magnify their conservation vision and impact on their neighborhoods and region through working in concert with their neighbors.

Learn more about Mount Grace’s landscape conservation work:

If you and your neighbors are interested in hearing about what a neighborhood project could look like, please contact Conservation Director Sarah Wells at 978-541-1773 or wells@