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Sustainable Food Systems

Mount Grace's whole farm affordability work led to a greater appreciation of the gaps within national and local farm and food systems including: access to affordable farmland and farmer housing; access to local markets; and access to food processing and storage facilities. Land trusts have a role to play in addressing these challenges and Mount Grace continues to seek out and collaborate with new partners interested in sustainable food systems.

Opportunities to invest in sustainable food and agriculture have grown dramatically in the last decade. A vibrant ecosystem of investors, philanthropists, policy makers, food producers and processors, and advocacy groups now exists, all in tireless pursuit of a solution. For a more thorough examination of these efforts, please read:

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Mount Grace has also released Food and Farming in the Quabbin Region, an innovative new report highlighting the region's farm and food resources and exploring challenges facing local food today. The report was authored by MassLIFT-AmeriCorps Farm Conservationist Kathleen Doherty with support from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation.