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Community Conservation

The Community Conservation Program at Mount Grace is a community conservation service provider that works with local conservation commissions, open space committees, and other community groups to conserve natural resources that they identify as local priorities. We do this by engaging communities in strategic planning that empowers them to prioritize their water, forestry, recreational, scenic, and wildlife habitat resources, and assisting them with land protection and stewardship projects. In so doing, we empower our regional communities to become effective land conservation partners.

town board meetingThe Community Conservation Program helps towns identify their top land protection priorities and reach out to diverse groups of stakeholders in order to protect scenic resources and community character. The program outlines possible conservation strategies so town boards can make informed decisions. Program Manager Matthias Nevins represents Mount Grace at landowner forums held around the region in cooperation with local conservation commissions.

If you have questions about Community Conservation Program, please gale farm handovercontact Fletcher Harrington at 978-248-2055 x28 or

For more information about Mount Grace's community conservation work see:

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Towns interested in exploring conservation options should also see the state pages on PARC and LAND grants.