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Phillipston Creates a New Town Forest
“Thousand Acre Brook and its surrounding woods are such a beautiful part of a much larger landscape...we hope to demonstrate the goal of conservation, man and nature living in harmony.” Rose Frizzell
Planning for Climate Change with the Partnership
Recently, the Partnership finished a strategic plan that incorporates a new element: climate change resiliency data. In a resilient landscape, animals have places to move to still survive, whether it’s further up a slope,...
Poplar Mountain: Rising to a Stewardship Challenge
Since 2006, when Erving voted to create a Town Forest, Mount Grace has worked with the Town to protect Poplar Mountain. Now, the Mountain is in the proposed route of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline.
Quabbin Conservation Investment Zone Assessment
Business leaders and members of conservation and community groups joined with Harvard Forest, the Highstead Foundation, and Mount Grace this summer to produce The Greater Quabbin Conservation Investment Zone Assessment—a detailed appraisal of...
Quabbin to Wachusett to Conserve 4,000+ Acres
Local landowners now have an opportunity to protect 3,275 acres thanks to a Forest Legacy grant to fund a collaboration called the Quabbin Reservoir to Wachusett Mountain Forest Legacy Project.
Red Fire Farm: a Whole Farm Forever
This summer, Ryan and Sarah Voiland realized a long-awaited dream by selling Red Fire Farm’s 124 acres in Montague to Mount Grace.  The couple has no plans to move.  Instead, they have signed a lifetime lease on the land, and will...
Report Urges Conservation Investment Zone Approach
Local business leaders have joined with Mount Grace and other conservation and community groups to offer a detailed assessment of opportunities for sustainable investment in the Quabbin region.
Royalston's New Eagle Reserve
Thanks to everyone in Royalston and around the Mount Grace region who helped protect the Eagle Reserve! (Photo by Jeff Blanchard)
Sarandon Urges Support for Mount Grace in Pipeline Fight
Activist Susan Sarandon urges support for Mount Grace, PLAN-NE, and the Mass Power Forward Coalition's work challenging the proposed Tennessee Gas Pipeline.
Save Land
Response to a Proposed Quabbin National Park – Quabbin is OK Help is needed to support threatened conservation funding, to support Mount Grace and other land trusts working to save land, and to promote and assist implementing conservation...