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Landscape Conservation: 1,800+ Acres Protected in 2012: A Banner Year!
Mount Grace protected 1,816 acres in 2012, including two farms; a conservation area on the Tully River; Phillipston’s town forest; and five properties qualifying for the state conservation tax credit.
Landscape Conservation: Ashburnham Forest Legacy Project Complete
Phil Hagar has volunteered as land steward at the Tuck Conservation Area since 2000. Now, he has worked with Mount Grace to protect his land as part of the Metacomet-Monadnock Forest Legacy Project.
Landscape Conservation: Fellows Forest Legacy Project in Erving
Caroline and Verne Fellows have lived at the end of Murdock Hill Road since 1955 on land that has been in Verne’s family for a century.  Formerly a farm, the pastures and fields have now largely grown back to forest, but the cleared space...
Landscape Conservation: Financing Forest Conservation
“Serving on the commission is a great honor and a great opportunity. This report offers tangible opportunities for landowners and communities in our region and across the state.”--Leigh Youngblood
Landscape Conservation: Forever Wild in Northfield
Northfield landowners Bill and Christine Copeland helped inaugurate Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust’s twenty-fifth year of land conservation by donating a 183-acre ‘Forever Wild’ conservation restriction to Mount Grace.  The land,...
Landscape Conservation: New Conservation Area on Narrow Lane
“People like Mick and Louise have helped us protect nearly 26,000 acres. Most landowners understand their land has both personal meaning to them and larger ecological significance.” Leigh Youngblood
Landscape Conservation: New Tax Credit Available
Massachusetts now offers a state income tax credit of half the appraised value, up to $50,000, on qualifying donations of land or CRs. Mount Grace is actively seeking landowners to participate.
Landscape Conservation: Nineteenth Hill CRs protect 700 acres of Forest in Winchendon
Collaboration by the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, the Town of Winchendon, Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust, and the North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership has completed a landmark land conservation project protecting 866 acres...
Landscape Conservation: Northfield Mount Hermon Conserves Trail
“Northfield Mount Hermon is very pleased to have worked closely to support the excellent work and land stewardship of our neighbors at Mount Grace.” --NMH Head of School Charles A. Tierney III.
Landscape Conservation: Protecting New England's National Trail
"We want to share our land with hikers, snowshoers, and cross country skiers. For us it is the perfect legacy."--Sam and Barbara Richardson